The Inspector v. Notorious Criminals! Part 2 | 35 Min Compilation | The Inspector

(1) The Commissioner suspends the Inspector, who let Louie Le Fink escape prison, and takes away the Inspector’s gun and badge. The Inspector thinks the only way to get his job back is to recapture Louie Le Fink. (2) The Inspector is assigned to take the most vicious criminal in the history of France, Mack Le Truck, to Devil’s Island, but takes him to the wrong island. (3) The Inspector tries to catch international jewel thief, Louie Le Swipe, in London, but the London police tells the Inspector that he must catch the thief without shooting. (4) The Commissioner assigns the Inspector to bring in escaped criminal Muddy La Feet. (5) Dirty Pierre Le Punk escapes from prison and the Inspector is assigned to bring him in with a help of a special robot agent.

The Pink Panther is the sly, lanky animated cat created by Friz Freleng and David DePatie. The iconic feline was first created in 1964.

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