Superpink to the Rescue! | 43 Minute Superhero Compilation

Watch Pinky save the day in this Superpink compilation!

(1) Power of Pink – Through a freak experiment, Pinky is changed from a mild mannered plumber into Super Pink. He is then forced to save urban city and the world from a cheese-mad lunatic. (2) Super Pink’s Egg-cellent Adventure – Super Pink rescues the World’s Largest Egg from a mad Sumo Chef who wants to turn it into the World’s Largest Bowl of Egg Drop Soup. (3) The End of Superpink? – The Panther, as Super Pink, has to prove to a little boy and his cat that it’s brains, not brawn that determine a real superhero. (4) Pink, Pink and Away – Super Pink flies into action when the Dogfather robs a bank and then accidentally kidnaps a little boy.

The Pink Panther is the sly, lanky animated cat created by Friz Freleng and David DePatie. The iconic feline was first created in 1964.

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