Pinky’s Winter Wonderland! | 1 Hr Winter Compilation | The Pink Panther (1993)

Grab some hot cocoa and get in the holiday spirit with some of Pinky’s winter favorites!

(1) Yeti ‘Nother Bigfoot Story – After running a museum display, custodian Pinky travels to Alaska in search of Bigfoot. (2) Downhill Panther – Pinky competes against a ski resort owner to decide who gets control of the mountain they both occupy. (3) Ice Blue Pink – When the daredevil Pinky skis into a mountain crevasse, he discovers an ice-encased neanderthal Blue Panther. Pinky takes this back to town, but the ice melts on the way, and Pinky is confronted with a live neanderthal panther, who he must train to live in a civilized world. Pinky’s plans go awry so it’s up to Blue Panther to save the day. (4) Pinky and Slusho – When Pinky’s thriving sno-cone business is threatened by unscrupulous rival Manly Man, Pinky creates a friendly, talking snowman named “Slusho.” He must then save the naïve Slusho from the clutches of Manly Man. (5) Icy Pink – The Panther travels to Alaska to help Mukluk, an entrepreneurial Eskimo, open up an ice cream factory. (6) I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas – Pinky comes up against a “Scrooge” like crook and feels compelled to try and instill in him the true spirit of Christmas.

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