Pinky’s Halloween Spook-tacular! | 70 Minute Compilation | The Pink Panther (1993)

Join the Pink Panther on some of his spookiest adventures…if you dare!

(1) Ghost and Mr. Panther – When an unsuspecting Pinky takes a job as a house sitter, he soon finds himself up against an abusive parrot, a haunted house and the Dogfather. (2) Werewolf in Panther’s Clothing – Working as a dog-catcher, Pinky encounters a werewolf in a spooky European village where the inhabitants are all a little “batty.” (3) Mummy Dearest – The Panther mistakenly opens the casket of squawksalotta and is plagued by a talkative parrot who won’t give him peace until he is returned to his mummified master buried deep in the Egyptian desert. (4) The Legend of El Pinko – Pinky, disguised as El Pinko, is on a mission to find out who is the Headless Jalapeno. (5) Oh Varkula – When Pinky spends the night at Castle Varkula, he must defend the Ant from the attacks of the vampire host, Count Varkula. (6) Panthergeist – Panther, who works for Rudy’s Pest Removers is assigned to remove a fastidious ghost from a castle. (7) Pinkenstein – Pinky is hired by the mayor of Whispering Pines to trap mice, but the neighborhood witch continually distracts the Panther from doing his job.

The Pink Panther is the sly, lanky animated cat created by Friz Freleng and David DePatie. The iconic feline was first created in 1964.

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