Creative Pink! | 35 Minute Pink Panther and Pals Compilation

Check out Pink as he explores the world of performing and visual arts!

(1) Reel Pink – Pink Panther constantly tries to sneak back into Big Nose’s theatre after being kicked out for being too loud. (2) Notably Pink – Pink Panther and Big Nose explore different types of music genres and musical instruments. (3) Pink! Pow! Kaboom! – Pink Panther is pulled into his own comic book and must defeat the villain he drew to get out. (4) The Pink Painter Show – Painters Pink Panther and Big Nose paint with two very different styles of art and fight over who gets to have their work shown at a museum. (5) Pink Up the Volume – Pink Panther annoys neighbor Big Nose with a variety of instruments. Big Nose tries his best to get Pink Panther to quiet down.

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