Big Nose v. Pink Panther Shopping Spree! | 42 Min | Pink Panther and Pals

(1) Shop-Pink Spree – Pink Panther is the millionth visitor to a grocery store, an event that allows him to get groceries for free if he shops under a time limit. Big Nose, jealous, tries to sabotage this shopping spree. (2) Zeus Juice – The Aardvark tries different types of juices that give him super powers in order to catch the Ant better. (3) Pink Party of One – Pink Panther, hungry after skateboarding, wants to eat at a nice restaurant run by Big Nose. (4) Zoo Ruse – In the zoo, the Ant and the Aardvark are separated. The Aardvark, tired of eating the given food, tries to get into the Ant’s cage. (5) Pinkaroni Pizza – After Pink Panther finds his favorite pizza place closed for construction, he is on a mission to make his own pizza. (6) One Too Many Chefs – The Ant tries to make the Aardvark cook instead of chase the Ant by introducing the Aardvark to a cooking show.

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